[linux-dvb] FusionHDTV5

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Wed Aug 31 16:56:32 CEST 2005

Mac Michaels writes:
 > > 1) Can one use the analog tuner to pick up normal VHF or
 > > UHF or analog US cable broadcasts?
 > Yes. The design of HDTV in the US is to use the same channel 
 > frequency and bandwidth for both analog and digital 
 > signals. The same tuner is use on this card for both analog 
 > and digital TV.
 > >
 > > 2) Assuming yes to #1, does the analog tuner include a
 > > hardware encoder like a WinTv 250 or 150?  Or is it a
 > > software tuner?  Does it require the use of a sound card
 > > while recording to handle audio?
 > The CX238801 chip has the hardware encoder for both audio 
 > and video. Currently the sound sound encoder support is 
 > under development and you must use a sound card for audio. 

Thank you, this is what I was hoping to hear. 

 > > Also, looking at the Dvico site, I get the impression
 > > that the Gold can offload Mpeg2 -> DivX transcoding.  Can
 > > anything take advantage of this on Linux?
 > There is nothing to support this on the Gold card unless 
 > DViCO has changed the design in the last few weeks.

According to http://www.fusionhdtv.co.kr/eng/Products/ATSC5Gold.aspx
the card "Supports DivX, DVD, MPEG4 conversion from SD/HD stream"
Maybe this is a new card, or that's a feature of their software.
This isn't really that important to me,  I was just curious.

Thanks again,


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