[linux-dvb] FIXED! Re: FusionHDTV3 Gold-T / Thomson DDT 7610 - analog NTSC tuner dead - digital ATSC still works

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Fri Dec 2 04:42:36 CET 2005

CityK wrote:

> Michael Krufky wrote:
>> I appreciate the ideas, but unfortunately the rf selection isn't the 
>> culprit here - Mac implemented this by using a callback that IS 
>> defined for the Gold-Q card, but NOT defined for the Gold-T board.... 
>> BTW, if there are any other boards that use lgdt330[2,3] , they can 
>> also use this callback function to change RF inputs.
> Cool.  Like I said, it was a long shot :P
>> ..and about that "stuck" bit, being fixed only by a cold boot -- That 
>> was during development of the FusionHDTV5 Gold driver... completely 
>> different animal, using LG DT3303 (instead of DT3302), and using 
>> LG-TDVS-H062F, containing TUA6034 tuner (and tda9887), rather than 
>> the Thomson DDT 7611 / [Temic/Microtune] 4042 tuner.
>> IIRC, we worked that out in the end by programming the tda9887 chip.
> Ah, yes, that is what I was thinking about....I ran out of time last 
> night to try to track it down to see if it might have pertained to 
> your situation.
>> How can I find out what IC is employed?  
> Sorry, I don't know.
>> (I have a feeling that you're going to tell me to write to DViCO -- 
>> They always reply to my mails, but they take approx 2 months each 
>> time :-(  )
> Actually, that's an interesting comment.  I may be able to aide in 
> expediting your rate of correspondence with Dvico.  You see -->  Not 
> too long ago, someone on AVS made a very similar statement.  Another 
> poster then replied that they had no problem with more or less 
> overnight correspondence with Dvico and then provided a email link 
> with which they used to correspond.  The original poster then followed 
> up stating that he had just tried this updated email address and Dvico 
> had indeed quickly responded!
> Now, of course, those messages are likely going to be buried deep in 
> one of the many Dvico threads....but, I believe Terry Peterson now has 
> a line of dialogue with the Dvico, so I will ask him....I will update 
> when I hear back from him.
>> I'll take another look at the Thomson DDT 761x datasheet ... maybe 
>> there's some info about it there.
> I looked at the picture in product brief  
> (http://www.thomson.net/EN/Home/MiniSites/Display/TunersRFSolutions/ModelDetail.html?category=Digital%20Terrestrial%20Tuners%20NIMs&model=DTT761X 
> ) but the readily visibly IC is likely just the tuner/pll
> -- Cheers, CK 

As it turns out, Thomson DDT 761X has tda9887.... Not only that, but my 
FusionHDTV3 Gold-T isn't fried at all -- I was suffering from the same 
problem as Gene, Don and Perry.... I just dont understand why it wouldnt 
work with older kernels or in windows.

Oh well.... I applied the same fix to FusionHDTV3 Gold-T as was applied 
to pc HDTV 3000 ..... Now all is well.  8-)


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