[linux-dvb] Most probably broken Twinhan FTA-Card ?!

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 21:35:14 CET 2005

Martin Cap wrote:

> Hi list,
> I have a strange problem with my Twinhan DVB-T-FTA-card ("Hama DVB-T 
> PCI-Card") that makes me believe my card broke. The problem persists 
> for approx. 1 year now, but I'm too busy (or lazy ;) ) to dig deeper 
> into it. Now I found some time. But here's the prob:
> When watching tv (vdr) it takes ~5minutes for the SNR to drop to zero 
> after booting the pc, which leads to no picture+sound at all.

Hello Martin,

I haven't seen or heard such a problem till now. It sounds a bit weird 

> What I noticed today (this is why i'm writing this email ), dmesg 
> tells me the following the moment SNR drops to zero (but maybe I'm 
> wrong):
>    - "bt878(0): irq FDSR risc_pc=<differs>"

Hmm.. frontend finds no data, and is too busy .. So DMA buffers are 
probably junk and late..

> I saw its possible to let the bt8xx chip ignore IRQ-FDSR-errors in 
> dvb-bt8xx.c. I added BT878_AFDSR to card->irq_err_ignore in the 
> dvb_bt8xx_probe()-function in its BTTV_BOARD_TWINHAN_DST-section. But 
> it didn't have the desired effect.
> It's likely this is total nonsense, or does not even have any effect.

This doesn't matter, but helped to identify the problem ..

> Now, has anyone seen such problem before ? Am I right, that my card is 
> most probably broken ?

I think probably the tuner is broken, i haven't heard of such a weird 
incident till now, but it does look like the tuner does not work anymore


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