[linux-dvb] Re: And what about the skystar2 [was: Low symbol rates on FF DVB cards]

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sun Dec 4 15:19:05 CET 2005

En/na Oliver Endriss ha escrit:
> I did some tests using
> BBC WS English;BBC WS:11131:vC34:S13.0E:5630:0:457=eng:0:0:5003:318:3801:0
> Test results:
> ALPS BSRU6 (old Nova-S)				ok
> ALPS BSRU6 (FF rev. 2.1):			ok
> Grundig 29504-451 (Activy budget GR)		failed [1]
> ALPS BSRV2 (FF rev. 1.3)			failed [2]
> [1] as expected, tuner supports 12..30 Msymbols/s only
> [2] tuner supports 1..45 Msymbols/s

this thread piqued my curiosity. I have a skystar 2 with the mt312
frontend and I cannot tune those channels. Ok, I'm running a very old
version of the driver (still using kernel 2.6.3 and I'm happy with it)
where, in mt312.c, it says

.symbol_rate_min = MT312_SYS_CLK / 128

which is about 7M.
I checked the latest source from cvs and it has the same value for
Now, aren't both the vp310 and the mt312 supposed to support 1..45M?

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