[linux-dvb] Re: Problem getting a Freecom DVB-T USB stick to tune under Mandrake 2005LE

Lee Jones slothpuck at gmail.com
Mon Dec 5 23:20:07 CET 2005

You know, I hate it when this happens!

I tried to get the freecom DVB-T stick to work all evening, with no success.
No sooner do I post to here then I try it one last time and it decides to
work! Just my luck, unfortunatly  :( .

Ok, let me explain:

I tried several things after posting to here, including re-downloading and
compiling the kernel. I even tried reinstalling all the RPMs, removing them
but to no avail. By chance however I decided to just double-check my ariel
splitter. It's nothing complex, just a basic passive ariel splitter. After
examining it, I found it was actually *faulty* and not passing any signal at
all! This in mind, I then tried to reduce the signal going by what someone
said earlier about this device being very sensitive. I only connected the
centre pin of the antenna leaving the other side of the antenna to the USB
device disconnected. And this worked!

I have noticed one more worrying thing though. It appears that the
connection from the ariel adaptor to the freecom USB stick is less then
perfect too and it can occasionally loose signal. It also looks very
fragile, and probably will not be able to withstand being disconnected and
connected many times over. I'm planning on getting a new ariel splitter and
cable and leaving the whole setup plugged in.

I guess the moral of the tale is that it's always the last thing you expect
to be wrong!

Now I'm currently figuring out how to record its output with mencoder. I
have noticed that playing with mplayer however - results in the audio and
video very fractionally out of sync.

Thank you

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