[linux-dvb] Patched dvbscan for dst ca_zap ?

Graeme Christie graeme at sx.net.au
Tue Dec 6 06:08:52 CET 2005

I have finally managed to compile the latest dvb driver from cvs 
(v4l-dvb) against a kernel that doen't break everything else in my box 
(2.6.15-mm2), in order to try out the high level CI/CAM driver on my 
twinhan DST Sat-Ci card.

Documentation/dvb/ci.txt used to state:

+(2) one requires a userspace application, ca_zap. This small userland
+  application is in charge of sending the descrambling related information
+  to the CAM.
+This application requires the following to function properly as of now.
+   (a) Tune to a valid channel, with szap.
+     eg: $ szap -c channels.conf -r "TMC" -x
+   (b) a channels.conf containing a valid PMT PID
+     eg: TMC:11996:h:0:27500:278:512:650:321
+     here 278 is a valid PMT PID. the rest of the values are the
+     same ones that szap uses.
+   (c) after running a szap, you have to run ca_zap, for the
+     descrambler to function,
+     eg: $ ca_zap patched_channels.conf "TMC"
+     The patched means a patch to apply to scan, such that scan can
+     generate a channels.conf_with pmt, which has this PMT PID info
+     (NOTE: szap cannot use this channels.conf with the PMT_PID)

The copy I have from cvs no longer seems to mention the 
patched_channels.conf and the patch to dvbscan, but does still infer 
that a channels.conf with PMT information is required.

My questions are:

1. Is the patched dvbscan no longer required ?
2. If so, does it include the PMT in the channels.conf file by default, 
and can the other tools now use the channels.conf file ?
3. If not, where can the patch to dvbscan that includes the PMT's be found ?

Apologies for not checking this out myself, but I won't have physical 
access to the box to plug the sattelite antenna and CAM into it for a 
couple of days (it is in the set top box at the moment). Regardless, I 
have never been able to find the patched dvbscan.



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