[linux-dvb] [PATCH] DiSEqC support for cx24123 based cards

Vadim Catana vcatana at registru.md
Tue Dec 6 07:51:49 CET 2005

Steve Toth wrote:
> I mentioned the symbol rate issues in the original patch email.
> I've have seen the same problem with 5MSps channels. Is this not a basic 
> table/data problem, based on a symbol rate lookup?

It has to be a driver problem, because in Windows the same card works
well. I'll do some more testing.

> I take it that someone send you the datasheet then?

I have the public versions of the CX24123/24109 documents you sent to
this mailing list. I also searched for CX24110 datasheet, because
the chips have common features and there could be something to help fix
the problem, but did not find anything.

Vadim Catana

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