[linux-dvb] Status of High Level CI driver

Henrik Sjoberg hsjo at epact.se
Tue Dec 6 21:36:27 CET 2005

If someone is wondering what mail Manu answered, here it is with another
try. The mailinglist didn't approve with that my username (and hence my
email address) had changed. It bounced.



I have started working on HLCI support for mythtv (for now without any
coordination with the mythtv project). When I last worked on it (a couple
of weeks ago) I managed to decode at least some encypted channels.

I started looking into it again last week. However, I'm seeing problem
with the latest cvs (or any cvs since the merge) that I often don't get a
lock when tuning channels. when I revert to cvs from for example nov 11
everthing works fine again.
For now I can't even look at FTA channels using mythtv. I have started
looking into the problem but havn't found the cause yet. Does anyone else
see this problem with the dst driver (or any other for that matter) with
cvs after the merge?

I have a patch for adding needed support (ca_info_enq) to the dst_ca
driver, but I need to get latest cvs up and running ok before I can post

If anyone could help me pinpoint the problem (from logs) I'd appreciate it
and gladly produce some logs for you.


> Graeme Christie wrote:
>>    It appears that the High Level CI API is reasonably complete. I
>> know that there is support for it in the VLC client (videolan) CVS.
>> Does anybody know if any work is being done on High Level CI for
>> MythTv ? I did here something mentioned previously on the list in
>> regards to this and locking issues. Has there been any progress ?
> Not quite sure on MythTV support. Henrik was working on it a while back,
> IIRC. I don't know what's the status on it.
> Manu
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