[linux-dvb] Compro DVB-T300 signal strength

Mark Callaghan mark at lostcow.com
Wed Dec 7 04:57:26 CET 2005

Hi Nick, Hartmut,

I read your posts recently on some "interesting" behaviour of the Compro DVB-T300 with different input signal levels. I suspect I may be having the same problem that Nick had with his external antenna.

I have an external antenna that gives good pictures on my analog TV, with some minor ghosting on a UHF channel around 500MHz. I also had good reception from a Twinhan (Visionplus, I think) for all local channels, from 177.5 MHz to 226.5 MHz and 536.5MHz. The Compro with its Windows software also works well on all channels, reporting signal strength of 85% for some, up to 100% (at 536.5MHz).

I'm still in the process of getting my Myth box going properly, but I'm at the stage where I have problems with DTV reception with the DVB-T300. Under Linux, with scan, the card picks up all channels but the 536.5MHz. During the scan on 536.5, the "signal quality" jumps between ~10% to ~90%, going in and out of lock. The final result is no lock, and the signal at 536.5 is not recognized.

I think I saw this behaviour on one of the ~200MHz channels as well, and I think it was one that reported 100% signal strength under the windows app.

It is making me wonder if there is something wrong with the AGC settings for the tuner/driver? Or perhaps the signal quality or signal level indication is being misinterpreted by the driver?

I thought about having a look at it myself, but I can't find a data sheet for either the TD1316 or TDA10046. I presume Philips are restricting distribution, with an NDA or similar. Do you have datasheets Hartmut? Have you tried to get them directly from Philips?


Mark Callaghan
Perth, Western Australia
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