[linux-dvb] A call to testers..

Gregoire Favre gregoire.favre at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 13:27:21 CET 2005


what's the current CVS ?

Is it v4l-dvb ?

What I don't really like : in the README.patches there's a mention about
http://linuxtv.org/downloads/snapshot which don't exist ???

And for me http://linuxtv.org/downloads/quilt/patches/ is not crystal

So I have still the makelinks in the rootdir ?
No more, it was in dvb-kernel but I don't find it anymore... (and to be
honest it was not so good because when you have applied it to one kernel
source, it was hard to unapply it).

I have certainly missed lots of things, I was always using and testing
the CVS, but I don't know how to do it now, so I don't...

What would just be really great is ONE patch against some recents kernel
revisions (like 2.6.15-rc5 and maybe also mm kernels) directly available
in the CVS or on something like

	Gr/'egoire FAVRE

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