SV: [linux-dvb] A call to testers..

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Wed Dec 7 15:42:24 CET 2005


I have tried for a long time to get the video/dvb stuff working on my Suse
Linux 9.1. I have tried to get reliable documentation on how to get somthing
working, but the documentation is fragmented and difuse. It is not easy to
get all the bits together and after spending a week on it I simply gave up.
I had no more time to spend on it. To get people interested in the
development and participate in testing etc. it has to become more
accessable. There has to be a "start package" including a howto and
recomendation on proven hardware. Remember that the vast majorety of users
has only one interest, which is to get it working.


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Sendt: 7. desember 2005 14:23
Til: Michael Krufky
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Emne: Re: [linux-dvb] A call to testers..

Michael Krufky wrote:

>Manu, please move to v4l-dvb cvs.  Having you sticking with dvb-kernel
>(write access currently disabled) is just as bad as telling users to
>wait for mainline to start testing.  (well, not quite)  ... Please
>move to v4l-dvb cvs.  There are some features that are missing from
>dvb-kernel, mainly because nobody has asked us to import them yet.  If
>you notice something from dvb-kernel that you liked is missing, then
>just say the word and we'll move it in.

I was not taking a go at v4l-dvb, since you asked me to wait on the same
in a previous mail. My personal development has been based on some tree
dated a while back on dvb-kernel, so as it is jumping straight away to
v4l-dvb, seems like an uphill task ..

I will be loosing a lot of time to move on to v4l-dvb at the moment,
when i should be putting more effort to get the drivers working properly.


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