[linux-dvb] Linux DVB on Mac PowerPC (Yellow Dog Linux)

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Wed Dec 7 15:53:32 CET 2005

On Mon, Dec 05, 2005, Tim Hewett wrote:
> I'm trying to get the current CVS of Linux DVB working on an Apple iBook
> running Yellow Dog using either a Hauppauge DEC2000-t (which works
> fine on a Pentium III with Mandrake 9.1) and also a Freecom DVB-T USB
> stick. Neither work. The drivers build ok once the makefile is setup  
> to find
> the source and the kernel config file in the right places, and they  
> load but
> every time the Hauppauge device is connected the kernel hits an  
> exception
> and the Freecom isn't recognised at all (though maybe the latter is  
> because
> the kernel is only 2.6.10).
> I am wondering if the DVB drivers are only for the Intel architecture,
> or does the byte endian issue sort itself out automatically? Has anyone
> had any DVB devices working at all on PowerPC?

They obviously don't get as many testers on non-x86 architectures.

If you care about getting the DEC2000-t driver fixed you need to post
some useful info like the Oops message. Maybe someone can figure out
what's wrong then.


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