[linux-dvb] A call to testers..

Michael Krufky mkrufky at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 18:09:36 CET 2005

Joerg Knitter wrote:

> Michael Krufky wrote:
>> On 12/7/05, Manu Abraham <abraham.manu at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Gregoire Favre wrote:
>>>> what's the current CVS ?
>>>> Is it v4l-dvb ?
>> Yes.
> So, do I understand right that I don´t have to download dvb-kernel 
> anymore but v4l-dvb to get latest DVB drivers?

YES.  dvb-kernel and v4l-kernel have officially merged into the new, 
v4l-dvb cvs,

> I haven´t updated them for ages because suddenly CVS versions only 
> worked with latest kernel versions. It is not trivial for a 
> non-developer to compile a new kernel that really works if the base 
> kernel is patched in several areas (thinking e.g. of a SuSE kernel - I 
> compiled a later kernel and starting this new one, hotplug suddenly 
> did not work anymore...) - but I know that this "compatibility issue" 
> has been fixed some weeks ago.

Thanks for noticing... :-) ... Nobody has said anything yet about 
backwards-compatability, since I've enabled it.

v4l-dvb cvs is *supposedly* backwards compatable with all kernel versions...

Personally, I have not tested 2.4, but the goal is to make this work as 

#if kernel_version >= linux_version(2,6,12)
    build merged v4l + dvb
    build v4l with NO dvb support

...Now, dvb DOES compile cleanly under 2.6.11 and 2.6.10, but there is a 
minor fix needed in video-buf-dvb.c in order for the hybrid drivers to 

As soon as that's fixed, we can extend dvb build by default on older 
kernel versions...

There are also ways to get dvb to work in 2.4, but I have not 
investigated this.

> Can I still compile the drivers in the build-2.6 directory and use 
> them with ./insmod.sh so that I don´t have to recompile the whole kernel?

You have choices:

a) use the v4l-dvb build environment:

make install

(this will install the new modules into your /lib/modules/{uname -r} 
directory, and load them normally as if they were bundled with your kernel.

b) you can use the insmod.sh script from dvb-kernel .... we havent moved 
it into v4l-dvb yet ... I'll put it on my to-do list....  The only 
difference is that in dvb-kernel, it was called build-2.6, in the new 
tree, these modules are built inside v4l-dvb/v4l/   ... (I agree that 
this should be renamed -- minor issue)

> With kind regards

Thank you for the comments!  Keep them coming..... we want everyone to 
be happy with the merged tree.


Michael Krufky

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