[linux-dvb] DEC3000-s

Peter Beutner p.beutner at gmx.net
Wed Dec 7 22:25:29 CET 2005

Bander Ajba schrieb:
> I'm sorry if I confused you. The one I changed was just to follow the same
> structure of the message sent from the windows driver to the device. But
> what I meant is the hi_band variable in the if statement gets the wrong
> value, thus setting the band value to the wrong parameter. Please note the
> byte I changed to one does not affect any thing so if it is removed then its
> okay, or leave it to let the driver behave as the windows driver.
ok,understand. I think problem is that the band setting can be adjusted either via the
set_tone switch or via the diseqc_msg. And the driver only handles the first case.So for
an app which chooses the latter method(like szap does I suppose) tuning won't work because
the band setting is wrong. So your attempt to fix it in diseqc_send_master_cmd() is
probably correct.(if you take the right buffer :p )

> You Wrote:
> Where did you take the values from?
> Somewhere from my brain :) :) ? Do you know what the correct values are? I
> just wanted mythtv not to spit out the warning of the symbolrate being out
> of range!!
Im fine with that. I don't know the correct ones either, but as long as they work they are
ok I guess. It wouldn't be the first values marked as "guessed" in the code ;)

> please do not be disappointed, I do not know anything about CAM/CI neither
> ;o) . The way I found this out was completely out of luck. I just followed
> the sequence of the windows msgs to the deivce using usbsnoop.
> The trick here is to send the Program_id of the channel using the same
> sequence of commands I added in the code and the device will spit out
> unscrambled video and audio. As simple as this. However, I do not know when
> or where to get the program_id from the application, this is why I have the
> switch case in my code.
> Does adding another ioctl to set the program Id require huge change in the
> driver??
Hm don't think adding an extra ioctl extra for that driver will be accepted, nor that it
would be actually useful.
But there seems to be already a interface for that. See include/dvb/ca.h.
For example the ttpci driver implements it, see linux/drivers/media/dvb/ttpci/av7110_ca.c.
It seems you have to add a bit more code around it ,than just the "send the program_id"
part to get it fit into the api. But I haven't found time to look much closer at it.


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