[linux-dvb] Re: PATCH: Nebula DigiTv PCI Remote Control support

Richard Wall m-lists at the-moon.net
Thu Dec 8 16:15:15 CET 2005

On 08/12/05 13:15 Mark Weaver wrote:
> It's already been merged into the v4l tree, so it will eventually end up
> in the mainline kernel.  You could wait until then, or you could just
> compile the v4l modules against 2.6.15 (they have integrated the code
> back into ir-kbd-gpio).


Thanks for your quick reply. I can't seem to get it working though.
I compiled and installed:
...but modprobing ir-kbd-gpio doesn't result in an input device.

I haven't been following the list very closely, but it seems that DVB
has merged with v4l so do you mean v4l-dvb as described here:
...When I try compiling that i get all sorts of errors.

If you have time, would you give a quick outline of how you get the
Nebula working now?

Richard Wall

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