[linux-dvb] AV in/out.

raid517 raid517 at ukonline.co.uk
Fri Dec 9 00:08:45 CET 2005

 >Yes, all SAA713x based DVB cards have at least basic AV-in support if
 >there is an appropriate connector. But i.e. for the Compro T200, this
 >never has been verified. But if it doesn't work, just an entry in the
 >configuration data structure needs to be corrected - not a big thing.
 >Regarding AV-out: I don't know about any DVB card with video output
 >besides the old full featured cards. There is a card with MPEG decoder
 >and AV out from Haupauge. This is supported by the ivtv project. But
 >as far as i know, it doesn't support DVB.

AV in is more my bean anyway - particularly for video capture - and as 
it happens, I do have a SAA713x based card.

I don't suppose you have a link to some instruction on how to actually 
capture from AV IN?

A GUI of some sort would be cool - but my guess is that really would be 
too much to hope for...


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