[linux-dvb] AV in/out.

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Fri Dec 9 00:21:25 CET 2005


raid517 wrote:
>  >Yes, all SAA713x based DVB cards have at least basic AV-in support if
>  >there is an appropriate connector. But i.e. for the Compro T200, this
>  >never has been verified. But if it doesn't work, just an entry in the
>  >configuration data structure needs to be corrected - not a big thing.
>  >Regarding AV-out: I don't know about any DVB card with video output
>  >besides the old full featured cards. There is a card with MPEG decoder
>  >and AV out from Haupauge. This is supported by the ivtv project. But
>  >as far as i know, it doesn't support DVB.
> AV in is more my bean anyway - particularly for video capture - and as 
> it happens, I do have a SAA713x based card.
> I don't suppose you have a link to some instruction on how to actually 
> capture from AV IN?
> A GUI of some sort would be cool - but my guess is that really would be 
> too much to hope for...
You should be able to use almost any capture program you like. The driver
will attach to both device sets, video and dvb. If its a dvb only card,
there will just be no tuner and the application might complain about this.
You can even use both parallel, there only is the restriction that the
planar formats don't work for a technical reason. This occurs with
mplayer but as far as i remember, there is a way to work around it.

Good luck

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