[linux-dvb] Twinhan 102G - dvb-bt8xx

Mark Sutton mes at lazo.ca
Mon Dec 12 01:13:58 CET 2005

Hi Mark,
	I think Manu is saying that you can waste
all the time on this you want but it will not work.
The driver does not support this card.
Or I should these "cards" since I have two different
ones that masquerade as a 102G.
Though one clearly says 1022A version 2.0 on the board.
The other has this covered over with a sticker.
The older rev. has no heat sink on the voltage regulator near the top
and makes so much heat it causes a card shutdown if it is not given
it's own fan. I'm just glad that one isn't mine.

It would be nice if you could post the changes you have Manu,
before I have to give this one back.


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