[linux-dvb] Linux DVB on Mac PowerPC (Yellow Dog Linux - Freecom USB and DEC2000-t)

Tim Hewett tghewett1 at onetel.com
Mon Dec 12 11:49:26 CET 2005


On 10 Dec 2005, at 20:31, Johannes Stezenbach wrote:

[DEC2000-t problem]

>> NIP [c0012168] strlen+0x4/0x18
>> LR [c01609ec] strlcpy+0x24/0x70
>> Call trace:
>> [c01ec704] _request_firmware+0xc8/0x37c
>> [f22dbe6c] ttusb_dec_probe+0x2ac/0xc58 [ttusb_dec]
> Can't see from the code why it would crash here (provided the  
> calltrace
> isn't bogus). You could add a printk() just before the
> request_firmware() call in ttusb_dec_boot_dsp() to check if the
> parameters are sane. Or just generally sprinkle some printk()
> in there to find the reason for the crash.

Experimentally I removed the calls to le16_to_cpu() in
ttusb_dec_probe() and it now works, so it was a byte ordering
issue. It is worrying that the calls to le16_to_cpu() do not resolve
this automatically, from the name of that function I would imagine
that it exists to convert between 16 bit little endian into a native
CPU byte ordered short integer, adapting its behaviour between
doing nothing and swapping bytes around depending on the
architecture it was compiled on. The kernel source for
le16_to_cpu() doesn't appear to differentiate depending on
architecture so where byte swapping is needed for Intel is it also
done on PowerPC when it shouldn't be. Many Kernel devices
also call le16_to_cpu() so quite how Linux manages to run on
PowerPC at all is a bit of a mystery. Maybe no devices are shared
with any available for Intel, DVB ones excepted.

Now both devices work on Yellow Dog Linux on the PowerPC CPU,
the Freecom even supports recording multiple channels from the
same multiplex, the DEC2000 doesn't probably because USB1.1
isn't fast enough.

Thanks for your help.

> Johannes



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