[linux-dvb] A driver for EZ-USB FX2, Philips TU1216L DVB-T USB device?

Arnold Ho ailinglist at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 09:03:02 CET 2005

On 12/15/05, Hartmut Hackmann <hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de> wrote:

> I think one of the issues that confuse you is that you - to my
> understanding - need two pieces of firmware.
> One piece is the code for the Cypress microcontroller. You should have
> gotten this.
> The other piece is for the tda1004x. You can get this from Philips as
> well. It depends on the board whether you need it. The tda10046 can
> load it automatically from an on board eeprom. Most recent boards have
> the eeprom stuffed.
> To my understanding, you will not have license issues with the tda1004x.
> The actual driver is GPL, the firmware - if you need it - is publicly
> available. I can't tell about the Cypress chip and its fimware.
> The kernel guys accept prorietary firmware. But with proprietary drivers
> they are currently very picky, regardless of whether they includes kernel
> code (violates the GPL) or just link to it.

Awesome. Thanks for clearing my doubts. Many thanks.


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