[linux-dvb] My Pinnacle 300i again....

tim0m1a tim0m1a at gmx.de
Sat Dec 17 11:17:01 CET 2005

> Hmmm, that's interesting.
> My experiments started with 2.6.13 and continued with 2.6.14.
> And I did never try earlier kernel versions. Obviously I should have  
> done that.
> Thanks for the hint !
> Michael

I think it should not be a solution of this problem just to use an earlier
kernel version.

But if you want to use a earlier kernel version please keep in mind that
you have to flash the latest firmware onto your card using the WinXP
driver. If your card does not use the latest firmware, you will not get it
running under linux.

Nevertheless this is not the solution of my problem. Can someone tell me
if the Pinnacle 300i is not supported by V4L anymore?


> tim0m1a wrote:
>> Am Fri, 16 Dec 2005 01:01:36 +0100 schrieb Michael Schröder   
>> <mischroeder at online.de>:
>>> It seems I got the same problem.
>>> The driver just keeps on saying saa7134[0]: mt352_pinnacle_init  
>>> called  and the tuner is heating up.
>>> So I gave back the card and got a different one. It would be nice   
>>> though, if this worked.
>>> Michael
>> But my Pinnacle 300i worked before the kernel update. As I wrote at   
>> http://de.gentoo-wiki.com/Pinnacle_300i I just used the 20050607  
>> snapshot  and this worked until kernel-version 2.6.10. But this driver  
>> seems not to  work on my 2.6.14-kernel version. So I tried the latest  
>> CVS version and  got this mt352 init error again.
>> The Pinnacle 300i certenly workes with linux-kernels from 2.6.10 up to   
>> 2.6.12.
>> Tim

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