[linux-dvb] Low symbol rates on FF DVB cards

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sat Dec 17 11:23:20 CET 2005

Oliver Endriss wrote:
> w-thiel at gmx.net wrote:
>>On Sun, Dec 04, 2005 at 01:27:04PM +0100, Oliver Endriss wrote:
>>>I did some tests using
>>>BBC WS English;BBC WS:11131:vC34:S13.0E:5630:0:457=eng:0:0:5003:318:3801:0
>>>Test results:
>>>ALPS BSRU6 (old Nova-S)				ok
>>>ALPS BSRU6 (FF rev. 2.1):			ok
>>>Grundig 29504-451 (Activy budget GR)		failed [1]
>>>ALPS BSRV2 (FF rev. 1.3)			failed [2]
>>>[1] as expected, tuner supports 12..30 Msymbols/s only
>>>[2] tuner supports 1..45 Msymbols/s
>>I'm quite sure you will get a lock with the ALPS BSRV2 if you use 5632
>>instead of 5630 as the symbol rate.
> Correct! After spending two evenings for debugging I found that the NIT
> does not contain the correct symbol rate. vdr automatically adjusted
> the symbol rate according to the NIT -> 5630.
> For low symbol rates the ves1893 will lock if (and only if) the symbol
> rate has been set correctly. 5632 works, 5631/5633 won't.
> Register programming in the driver appears to be ok.
> @Klaus:
> http://www.lyngsat.com/i1002.html specifies SR 6111 for your
> transponder. Does it work if you change the SR to 6111?
> Oliver

I tried with SR 6111 last thursday, but didn't get anything
on my FF card.
With the original SR 5632 it worked at least on my budget card.
Unfortunately I couldn't test SR 6111 on the budget card because
at that time I was recording that channel.

Since it apparently looks as if the FF rev. 1.3 cards have serious
trouble receiving transponders with low symbol rates, would it make sense
to change the symbol_rate_min value to 10000000 (10 M/s) for these
particular cards? Then VDR could actually use the values returned from
the driver to decide whether a DVB card can receive a given channel.


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