[linux-dvb] Remote Control stuff (Avermedia771)

Andreas Witte Andreaz at t-online.de
Sat Dec 17 23:30:17 CET 2005

Hi List,

i got it now nearly perferctly to play with mythtv and
the remote control of the avermedia 771 dvb-t card.
One drawback is this: I configured lircd for use
with mythtv and use the event-device there.
The keystrokes are always available in x, even without lircd
(per default). The keystrokes are also visible
in mythtv and it use the keystrokes from lirc AND the
strokes from (i think) bttv-driver.
So i wonder how i can disable that the keys wont send
to any x terminal (from the bttv-driver i guess) and use 
only the lircd - strokes?

Someone know, what i mean? ;)

Thanks in advance...

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