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Sun Dec 18 09:56:25 CET 2005

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 03:21:24PM -0000, hugo wrote:
> noticed it complains about firmware. There's a:
> firmware_class_init: class_register failed
> message in the dmesg.
> This message remains even when I have a dvb-fe-sp887x (or whatever it's
> called) in the correct location (/lib/firmware). I've turned on debugging

The sp887x is on the A761 card, not the A771 which has an MT352 instead.

> in the hotplug scripts and don't ever see the firmware.agent script being
> called. However, the default scripts do try and call dvb.agent scripts
> amongst others. Naturally slackware doesn't have a dvb.agent script -
> possibly this is meant to call or trigger the firmware.agent script.
> I'm going to brave the horrors that is a gentoo build on the hopes that it
> has better hotplugging firmware loading record breaking dedication......
> My real question is: so what? I don't actually think loading the firmware
> will make a blind bit of different (NB: I'm being ultra cynical here).
> Surely the firmware that gets loaded is merely some extra
> post-manufacturing updates to fix bugs or improve features. I would've
> thought that the card would work (possibly not very reliably) but basic
> bread'n'butter functions of a DVB card i.e. tuning into stations and
> receiving television, would just work from the get go.

The 771 doesn't need firmware.

> Is firmware loading really that ultra important - has anyone else
> experience of their card just absolutely refusing to act like a digital
> television receiving card until they managed to coax the firmware into it?

There are other cards which do REQUIRE firmware to be loaded. The
Avermedia 761 is one example. The tuners just don't operate without the
firmware being loaded. Your 771 is not one of these though.

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