[linux-dvb] Succed tuning Ku-Band freq, but failed tuning C-Band

Marcus Metzler mocm at mocm.de
Mon Dec 19 10:14:58 CET 2005

>>>>> "Johan" == Johan firdianto <johanfirdi at jmn.net.id> writes:

    Johan> Dear guys, some days ago, I posted about failed tuning
    Johan> using Skystar2 PCI rev. 2.6D.  I tuned the dvb pci using
    Johan> C-Band freq, I get never lock.  But when I tuned the dvb
    Johan> pci using Ku-Band freq, it works successfully.  I'm using
    Johan> dvbtune (version 0.5) and linux-dvb-apps from linuxtv.org,
    Johan> both of programs works fine in tuning Ku-Band, but not
    Johan> C-BAND.  So, I guess there's broken code in dvbtune or scan
    Johan> utilities.  Any guys here have tried to tune C-BAnd Freq or
    Johan> having same experience with me ?

Since you need a C-Band LNB, which is not commonly used in
Europe for DVB-S, I doubt that many people have tried it.
I guess dvbtune does not use the correct offsets for the LNB.
The driver gets the transponder frequency minus the offset frequency
of the LNB as parameter,  so you have to see if you can set the offset
frequency in dvbtune by program parameters, or you have to go into the
code and change the offset. You may also try to switch inversion on.


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