[linux-dvb] DNT DVB-T EuroMini 100

Stephan Fabel sfabel at gmx.net
Tue Dec 20 10:08:57 CET 2005

Hello List,

I've searched the net without results, so I'll write to this list in the hope 
that you guys know something about it. The above USB DVB-T device is 
according to manufacturer supposed to be working under Linux kernel 2.6.12, 
although they said I'd need a kernel patch for that version and I should 
upgrade to 2.6.13.

For reasons I can't discuss here, a kernel upgrade is out of the question. I 
am currently running a (current) Ubuntu box.

What I can do, however, is re-compile my existing kernel. The hotline of DNT 
(the manufacturer) said I'd need the "wt200u" module. After searching through 
the CVS interface, I wasn't able to find anything. The chipset of the device 
is supposed to be 7045A.

In any case, could someone here point me in the right direction? All I'd need 
would be a kernel patch for kernel 2.6.12 that would make my device work.

Thanks a lot for any pointers.


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