[linux-dvb] Twinhan 1020a & diseqc switches

Mark Buechler mark.buechler at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 23:01:08 CET 2005

I'm sure this is a very common question and when I do searches I see many
questions regarding this but I'm hoping someone can share their knowledge on
this topic. I just gave up on my new 102G and bought a 1020a. It tunes just
about everytime now. However, when it comes to my diseqc switch I'm seeing
screwing things.

I have both a rotor and a 4port switch. If I move the dish and stay on
switch port 0, all is well. If I attempt to switch to port 1 I'm only able
to after the dish has moved. It seems no combination of things I try makes a
difference. I've tried sending the rotor commands first, then doing a
short/long wait, then the switch command - no go. I've tried the other way
around - still no go. I've tried up to 5 "repeat" commands with no
difference. I've tried another diseqc switch which broke it entirely.

I have a couple DVB tuners which have no issue with either the rotor nor
either switch. I also have a nexus-s which has no issue with any of the

This is the second Twinhan card I've bought which I've not been able to get
working. Can someone tell me if this is common to these cards? Am I wasting
my time trying to get this working?

- Mark.
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