[linux-dvb] patches...

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 07:01:49 CET 2005

Hello Mark,

Mark Sutton wrote:

>Hi Manu,
>	Thanks for posting this. I also have the same issues as Mark.
>The dst_wait_dst_ready: dst wait NOT ready after 200
>Although I see a different number of 250 with the v4l-dvb tree on the
>newer rev of this card and and this with the older (1022A?): see below

The reason being i have not moved to v4l-dvb yet and i am on a private 
repo here.

>This mail was started a few days ago, but not finished.
>I just haven't had the time to try all the posibilities.
>I have added your patches (there are 5?) to my tree and rebuilt.
>I still get the output below, but sometimes I do get a good tune and
>have dumped channel lists. I will collect the debug info and post.
>Always, if the wait ready is 54 or 53,
>the tune fails, good tunes are much faster ~10-12.

Currently i am on this one and the ATSC fixes.

>I have wanted to rebuild all the other tools to be sure they are not
>causing problems, but I expect the tuning is still not reliable.
>I have not tried with the newer rev of the card.
>And unfortunatly the first Pacific storm in a long time has blown up
>and moved my dish (held in place by a cinder block)
>and now I can't tune anything even with a set top box.

Seems bad ..

>dst_set_freq: set Frequency 1770000
>dst_set_frontend: Set Frequency=[1770000]
>dst_set_symbolrate: set symrate 20000000
>dst_set_symbolrate: set symcalc 238312
>dst_set_polarization: Polarization=[Horizontal]
>dst_set_frontend: Set Symbolrate=[20000000]
>dst_write_tuna: type_flags 0x16
>dst_comm_init: Initializing DST.
>dst_gpio_outb: mask=[ffffffff], enbb=[0001], outhigh=[0000]
>rdc_reset_state: Resetting state machine
>dst_gpio_outb: mask=[0002], enbb=[0002], outhigh=[0000]
>dst_gpio_outb: mask=[0002], enbb=[0002], outhigh=[0002]
>writing [ 06 ea 01 3a 2e 80 40 e7 ]
>i2c_adapter i2c-0: master_xfer[0] W, addr=0x55, len=8
>bt-i2c: <W aa 06 ea 01 3a 2e 80 40 e7 >
>dst_gpio_outb: mask=[ffffffff], enbb=[0000], outhigh=[0000]
>i2c_adapter i2c-0: master_xfer[0] R, addr=0x55, len=1
>bt-i2c: <R ab =ff >
>read_dst: reply is 0xff
>dst_wait_dst_ready: dst wait ready after 54
>i2c_adapter i2c-0: master_xfer[0] R, addr=0x55, len=8
>bt-i2c: <R ab =00 =00 =33 =00 =00 =1e =ff =b0 >
>read_dst: reply is 0x0
>I will repost with a better collection of debug output.
>Should I post the output on a website or in the mail?
No, this information is quite sufficient for me, thanks for the patience 
and the right info.


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