[linux-dvb] LinuxDVB.NET 0.2

Guido Draheim guidod-2003- at gmx.de
Wed Dec 21 10:21:05 CET 2005

Say huh?

Well, these are really C# bindings for Mono 1.1, the one that
implements large parts of dotNET on Linux (and some others).
These bindings include manual wrappers that talk directly to
the Linux kernel - via ioctl calls in a lib-linux-dvb.so
native shared library and interface structures recreated in
the managed world.

This is an early release announcement, so let's call the
current state to be just a technology preview. It does create
a CLR Linux-DVB.dll that can be imported to any .NET project.
For a fact I have been writing an example tool (SZapConfTune
behaving identical to dvb-apps szap) with the free Visual C#
2005 express edition. The *.csproj are included in the tarball.

Why do it. Well, for one .NET/mono is rushing the markets and
I wanted a realistic project (that I do really care for) to
get used to the quirks and pitfalls of the programming platform.
And there are indeed quite some of them. As an effect, the
source code is written using .NET 2.0 features - if you are
using SuSE 10.0 (like me) then you need to download the latest
mono 1.1.11 as SuSE forgot to package "gmcs". (have a look at

As a last word: this DLL will not run on any Windows platform.
It depends on the Mono.Posix.dll (that can be imported to
visual studio as well - nice side effect of managed code DLLs)
which allows to open unix device files aka /dev/dvb/*. Any
comments are welcome and rest assured that I am going to use it
for some more tools in the nearby feature (perhaps a web service?)
You can download the latest 0.2 release tarball and suse 10 rpm
from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=83808

-- Guido Draheim                http://google.de/search?q=guidod

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