[linux-dvb] DVB-T frequency_list_descriptor

Simon Kilvington s.kilvington at eris.qinetiq.com
Thu Dec 22 11:06:10 CET 2005

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Robert Schlabbach wrote:
> From: "Simon Kilvington" <s.kilvington at eris.qinetiq.com>
>>is there no way to tell without having to try each frequency?
> The idea of the frequency_list_descriptor is that the receiver tries _all_
> frequencies and decides which one it gets the best signal from.
> Actually, I think it should work the other way around: When a receiver
> scans for multiplexes, and scans all frequencies, it might find the same
> contents from several transmitters. The frequency_list_descriptor allows
> the receiver to identify which multiplexes carry the same contents, so that
> it can then select the multiplex with the best signal.

ah, I see - that makes sense - thanks

so the best thing for me to do is just parse an existing channels.conf
file to find the frequency and other tuning params for a given service
ID - did anything ever come of the new format for storing DVB config
info and the library for reading it? is there some library that will
parse the existing format and also cope if/when the new format is used?
or should I just assume the existing channels.conf format will be used?

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Simon Kilvington

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