[linux-dvb] Lots of TS continuity errors when switching on APIC in BIOS - known problem ?

Ingo Schneider mail at ingo-schneider.de
Sat Dec 31 13:32:11 CET 2005

Hello !

I recently switched my VDR mainboard to a newer one (KT266A chipset MSI

After that I used to get a lot (about 100 / 5min) of TS continuity
errors in recordings with my two Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C (SAA7146 /
The cards worked fine for months in my old board after applying the well
known bugfix for the TDA10021 continuity problem.

The continuity errors did increase with system load, upgrading the
kernel to and playing with PCI latency and PCI delayed
transaction options did not help.

What indeed made the problem go away completely was disabling the APIC
in the bios - I verified this by enabling it again.

Now, is this a known problem ?
If not, I think it should be placed into a FAQ, since I found messages
describing similar problems in some mailinglists.

Ingo Schneider.

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