[linux-dvb] Re: TS to PS with damaged stream

lamikr lamikr at cc.jyu.fi
Sun Feb 13 22:47:10 CET 2005

HGM.bg (GMX) wrote:

>lamikr wrote:
>>Just downloaded Projextx 0.82 and tried to run in Linux but when ever
>>I try to add ts-file (menu file/add) in order to convert them to mpeg
>>files a program throws java exception. 
>Please check for ProjectX > e.g. is the last one.
>There was a problem with the filedialog with the !
Thanks I will do that. I think I debugged that same problem also.
In some situations the method which was used for opening files received 
wrong parameter describing the type of the opened file. --> Method 
crashed because it could not
find correct type of constructor. If I first changed directories couple 
of times,
it started receiving correct file type parameter and things started working.

I just trying to learn using this project X and I have tried to find out 
usage instructions. I would like to combine couple of my .ts files to 
one big
mpeg2 or mpeg4/divx file. Is that somehow possible by using project-x alone
or by using it and some other tool together?

I am also wondering what are those selections like "demux", "to M2P",
"to PV2" or "PIDFilter". I tried to find some documentation from web but 
could not one anything which would have explained those for me.


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