[linux-dvb] Re: TS to PS with damaged stream

Niklas Peinecke n.peinecke at web.de
Mon Feb 14 09:06:45 CET 2005

> I just trying to learn using this project X and I have tried to find out 
> some
> usage instructions.

There are some (slightly outdated) instructions at


and also some more in the forum on the same site, unfortunately mostly 
in german. But most of the buttons have verbose "help bubbles" with them 
that appear if you point on a button.

> I would like to combine couple of my .ts files to 
> one big
> mpeg2 or mpeg4/divx file. Is that somehow possible by using project-x alone
> or by using it and some other tool together?

You can just add them all by using "file"->"add". Projectx will put them 
together in one file. To put them together you could e.g. select "demux" 
and then press the "go" button. PX will generate two files named 
"{filename1}.mpv" and "{filename1}.mp2" containing video and sync'ed 
audio. Put them together using mplex or tcmplex if you want mpeg2. Also 
you could first reencode them to mpeg4 (using mencoder or the like).

> I am also wondering what are those selections like "demux", "to M2P",
> "to PV2" or "PIDFilter". I tried to find some documentation from web but 
> could not one anything which would have explained those for me.

Demux is for demultiplexing the stream to the seperated video and audio 
streams. They are synchronized and error-corrected afterwards. With the 
other options you can convert them to various other container formats, 
i.e. formats feasible for VDR or transport streams, but the streams will 
not be corrected and sychronized.



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