[linux-dvb] myth card configuration for KWorld V-Stream DVB-T

Soyeb Aswat soyeb at btinternet.com
Wed Feb 16 04:19:33 CET 2005


> In the myth card configuration I can add it as a video 4 linux card, and 
> it seems to work (I haven't set up any channels properly, so I can't be 
> sure). However, if I try to add it as a DVB card, it says it can't find 
> it. A friend with a different card *can* add his as a DVB card, and the 
> difference seems to be his card gets a /dev/dvb device created for it. 
> Mine does not.

I installed MythTV earlier and it recognises my KWorld card as DVB.

> 1) Do you get anything extra from having the card as a DVB instead of 
> v4l? Or should I not care?

If you configure it as a v4l device you get the composite and svideo
inputs.  If you configure it as a DVB card, you get the DVB features.
To use the full feature set of the card, i.e. DVB, composite, and
svideo, you have to configure both a DVB card and a v4l card.

> 2) Why would this be happening? Is there something I can change either 
> in the kernel or in udev to make it create dvb devices instead of v4l?

Are you sure your card is working properly at all?  Can you tune it with
something else like kaxtv/kaffeine or mplayer?  I'd suggest the former
as it has an easy to use interface.

You might find something useful at http://soyeb.homeip.net/kworld



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