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Wed Feb 16 10:33:55 CET 2005

Hari_Mohan wrote:
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> Hari_Mohan wrote:
>>I don't know much about this but I have seen this in a dvb demodulator
>>output and ASI convertors. These lines were termed DVALID and these used
> to
>>stay high whenever there is valid data in the transport stream
>>bus-8bit/serial. This line stays low when there are some special
> characters
>>coming in the bus. I think this flag is related to that. Even error line
>>also is similar - ie whenever there were some uncorrectable errors this is
>>supposed to stay low - depends on your configuration
> What i was wondering was that, whether this information could help in 
> the upper space DVB API/driver in any manner, in terms of error 
> correction and or other aspects.
> ------------------------
> According to my knowledge mpeg decoder chips will clock in the data based on
> the state of these lines. I don't know whether any hardware mechanism is

So is this information more reliable than the 13818-1 Discontinuity flag.. ?

such that this information can be used to identify cases where we have 
problems in the TS.. ?
since under the Linux DVB API, we don't have an exact solution for 
discontinuity, and TS errors to a 100% effectiveness, would these flags 
be useful for solving that problem ?

For a particular DVB card, i can get these signals out from the frontend 
to the card and the driver.. So, considering that aspect if i get these 
flags out, i was wondering whether it would be possible to have a 
solution for the latter errors..

That was the query that i had in my mind..

> there to store these values and use for upper layer applications. Because
> stv299 may have separate APIs to calculate BER and signal quality.
> Hari
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>>Is there any advantage in getting the following flags out from the tuner 
>>(STV0299 based).. such that it might be of some help.. ?
>>(1) data valid
>>(2) error


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