[linux-dvb] Question about szap

Holger Kiehl Holger.Kiehl at dwd.de
Wed Feb 16 13:31:46 CET 2005

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005, Evangelos Stergiou wrote:

>> Would it not be better to have szap run in daemon
>> mode and check the status and always do some logging to syslogd?
> you can use "daemon szap -c ......(etc)"
> and just in case it unlocks, have a script in crontab using femon to detect 
> lock status and relaunch szap
> if it unlocks
Yes, but would it not be better if szap has say a daemon mode and would
do this by itself?

It would be nice if it reports to syslog the time when it looses the lock
and the time it has regained the lock.

Holger (Kiehl)

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