[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Twinhan

Manu Abraham manu at kromtek.com
Sun Feb 20 17:24:10 CET 2005


Attached is a set of patches for Twinhan DVB cards.. If somebody can
test the patches out, and give a feedback that would be quite nice.

The features/changes that have gone in are like this,

* The delays were corrected, and unnecessary delays were removed.
* Proper RESET was added.
* The PIO (wrongly known as GPIO) were overhauled.
* The function naming was changed according to their functionality.
* Whitespace cleanups
* Changed the read sequence, (removed PIO contention)
* Removed some unnecessary variables.
* Revamped the DST initialization/device identification function
* Revamped DST Types list to be more readable

* Added basic CI support
Tested with Irdeto 1, 2 for decryption
DragonCAM and Viaccess Red, CAM communication works,
decryption not tested.
TPS and Viaccess still undergoing work.

* Corrected a bug in the 22k TONE control

* Cosmetic patch, that confused people that all Twinhan cards were DVB-T

(This patch is for bttv)


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