[linux-dvb] OSD BringToTop

Rami Räsänen raipe at neutech.fi
Mon Feb 21 12:11:31 CET 2005


There is an osd function named "BringToTop()" in av7110_hw.c. Does it work? It 
cannot be used from user software because there are no ioctl for it. I would 
really appreciate if an ioctl for this could be added to the API.

I have also noticed that sometimes when an osd window is created, there are 
some visible "glitches" on the screen in one frame or so. I think this is a bug 
in the firmware. Maybe some flags are set in wrong order (osd window is enabled 
before correct size is set)?


I'm pretty confused about who are allowed to access the av7110 firmware code? 
Are there any plans to make it / parts of it public? Please enlighten me :)

Is there some other documents available than 
http://www.linuxdvb.tv/documentation/AV711x_3_1.pdf? I have coded my own 
firmware loader for test purposes, but haven't progressed a lot. I got stuck 
when i was trying to catch an interrupt in ARM (accessing last bytes in dpram 
should generate an interrupt?), didn't succeed.. Would be nice to put some 
"Booting up, please stand by"-banner on the osd at grub with a little firmware 
made for this :)

Rami Räsänen
raipe at neutech.fi

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