[linux-dvb] Re: TV-Out card recommendation

wolfgang at leila.ping.de wolfgang at leila.ping.de
Mon Feb 21 13:51:44 CET 2005

Laurence Abbott writes:
> How did you make your home-made VGA to component cable? Is it the one
> someone posted a link to a couple of weeks back, with a few resistors
> and a transistor to combine the sync lines? Do you need to set any
> bizarre ModeLines to get the desired sync frequency for a TV? The web
> page I'm thinking of suggested that any 'common or garden cheapo' VGA
> card would work for this. 
> Would it be worth while building one or is it only likely to work with a
> G400, G450, etc.?

1.) AFAIK, Matrox cards are capable of generating a compliant sync-on-green 
signal, which most other cards can not do, so there might be more work 
necessary to get the same signal from any other card. 

2.) In case the driver has no builtin TV modelines (I know geode driver has, 
do not know about any other) you have to write your own modeline, but this 
again should be possible with any graphics card that supports interlaced 

It is a long time ago since I tried such things myself, the last device I 
used was geode-based... 


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