[linux-dvb] TV-Out card recommendation

Rob rob-linuxtv at noblesque.org.uk
Mon Feb 21 14:43:19 CET 2005

Rodd Snook said on 21/02/05 11:42:

> ...Plays 720i DVB using MythTV or equivalent MPEG4 using MPlayer 
> smoothly on a P3-800 machine. I do, however, get some combing in the 
> 720i DVB picture, even with BOB deinterlacer.

If the video card is outputing an interlaced picture, shouldn't the TV 
do the deinterlacing?

I mean the player software puts two interlaced fields of a frame into 
the framebuffer (which would have the "comb" effect on moving elements 
if both were viewed at once), and the graphics card first outputs the 
even lines to the TV, and then outputs the odd lines, so the "movement" 
appears on the screen at the right moment, and therefore doesn't appear 


Rob Noble

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