[linux-dvb] TV-Out card recommendation

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
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It looks like this card is an AGP, not PCI?

Is it possible to get a 'good' watchable TV picture with a PCI TV-out card? 
Do I have to re-wire a VGA card, or is there a simple out-of-the-box 

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> Simon Baxter wrote:
>> Hi.
>>  I'm looking for a really generic, well supported TV-out card.
>>  Must have  composite out, be really cheap, and give reasonable quality 
>> to your average family TV.
>>  any suggestions??
> I use a Matrox G400 32MB Dual Head. I have a home-made VGA to SCART 
> component cable for better picture quality, but it does fine with the 
> provided Composite/S-Video dongle. You should be able to pick one up for 
> next to nothing second-hand, just make sure you get the video-out dongle. 
> In Linux, at least, the 2D and video overlay performance is great. Plays 
> 720i DVB using MythTV or equivalent MPEG4 using MPlayer smoothly on a 
> P3-800 machine. I do, however, get some combing in the 720i DVB picture, 
> even with BOB deinterlacer. Price-performance wise I'd say this one is a 
> winner, but for a few more £ you might get something with more features.
> Note that the G450 and G500 are quite different beasts, and not so well 
> supported by Linux AFAIK.
> For instructions on getting TV-Out working on a G400, read here:
> http://davedina.apestaart.org/download/doc/Matrox-TVOUT-HOWTO-0.1.txt
> Otherwise, ask me and I'll mail you my configurations.
> Rodd
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