[linux-dvb] Turning on TV-OUT?

Ulf Elsner uelsner at gmx.de
Mon Feb 21 18:13:29 CET 2005

Am Montag, 21. Februar 2005 00:37 schrieb Mike Parkins:
> Hmmmm.... nvtv looks promising, but it can't find the TV-Out chip, nor
> any I2C devices when I do nvtv -P, though it detects an FX5200. Am I
> being stupid here?

Hello Mike,

no you're not.
nvtv was written for older nvidia-cards.
I bought a geforce fx5200 too and nvtv stopped working 'cause there's a 
nvida-tvchip on newer cards.
This chip is supported by the nvidia-driver. You can activate Twinview in your 
XFConfig, for example with Orientation=clone, so you get a part of your 
desktop on tv. The options are described in the nvidia-readme.

So the solution for your problem is: get the latest nvidia-driver, and perhaps 
go back to kernel 2.6.10.
(I'm running linux 2.6.10 and nvidia x86_64-6629)

So long,

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