[linux-dvb] Re: tv license

Kimmo Koivisto kimmo.koivisto at surfeu.fi
Tue Feb 22 17:51:29 CET 2005

On Tuesday 22 February 2005 15:18, Niklas Peinecke wrote:
> You surely live in Orwell's own country! In Germany, there is no such
> information chain -- yet, although I think the GEZ (our tv licensing
> institution over here) would love to have such a thing.
Finland is the promised land of all kind of taxes, tv licensing and copyright  
licenses from playing copyrighted music. Even churches need to pay licenses 
when people sing copyrighted hymn, tax drivers need to pay licenses if they 
have their radios on when they have customers etc.
We have to pay fees when we purchase empty CD's or DVD's, because we could use 
those to record copyrighted music. We also have to pay copyright fees from 
ipods and other devices, that can contain copyrighted material, even digital 
set top boxes with hard drivers :)

Public television and radio organisation (YLE) is unprofitable, they spend 
more money that they can collect, so fees are increasing every year. Now the 
tv license fee is about 190 euros.

Welcome to Finland :)

Kimmo Koivisto

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