[linux-dvb] Re: TT USB Budget cc discontinuity / lost sync.

Peter Weissgerber peterw2k at yahoo.de
Tue Feb 22 20:14:51 CET 2005

[Sorry, Johannes, for writing you a PM. Accidently,
your mail address was in the "To"-line]

Hi Johannes,

I have tried the box now on another PC (VIA KT266
based mainboard) and have the same problem [only
artifacts when bitrate of channel is > about 5MBit/s,
e.g. for ZDF or WDR Aachen; error messages about "lost

 --- Johannes Stezenbach <js at linuxtv.org> schrieb: 
> Did you try to raise ISO_BUF_COUNT? I don't know
> how to detect missed iso usb packets, but I guess
> that is what happens.

... I did try this but it does not help. Maybe the
hardware is simply defective?? Or has anybody a better
idea what is going wrong?


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