[linux-dvb] DVICO DVB-T Lite with Philips 1236D tuner. What now?

Rodd Snook linuxdvb at snookums.port5.com
Tue Feb 22 21:16:29 CET 2005

Rodd Snook wrote:
> Okay, so I picked up a DVICO Fusion DVB-T Lite for "cheap" the other day
> and I can't get it to work.
> The short story is that this is a "Rev: 1.1" card, and it has a Philips
> 1236D ATSC/NTSC tuner, rather than the Thomson which seems to be assumed
> by Chris Pascoe's driver. Any attempt to insert the module gives
> (eventually)
> I'm working on the assumption that the card is not broken, but that the
> driver needs to be modified to work with this hardware combination. The
> card still uses an MT352 (I can see the chip). I'm not much of a kernel
> hacker, so I don't know how to go about working around this myself, or
> even how much of a task it would be. Is it just a case of creating a new
> card definition, or is i2c bus sniffing required to find out where
> everything lives?

It turns out the card IS faulty. There is no Philips tuner on this card. 
DVICO tech support say that the EEPROM has most likely been erased somehow.

> tveeprom(bttv internal): Huh, no eeprom present (err=-121)?

Props to whoever wrote the tveeprom driver for giving me the best hint 
that something was wrong, even though I chose to ignore it.

Sorry for bugging the list over a non-issue.


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