[linux-dvb] Re: TT USB Budget cc discontinuity / lost sync.

Felix Domke tmbinc at elitedvb.net
Tue Feb 22 21:22:29 CET 2005


>>... I did try this but it does not help. Maybe the
>>hardware is simply defective?? Or has anybody a better
>>idea what is going wrong?
> I know nothing about the TT USB boxes, you could ask
> TT support if this is a limitation of the box; or
> you could try if it works better with Windoze.
> Could also be a problem with USB isoc xfers, AFAIK
> some newer boxes use bulk xfers -- maybe there's a
> reason...
Back in the days when I continued Holger's work, I implemented that
muxpack stuff. It worked very fine, and i was even able to stream two
video services at once (as long as they are below

This was back on kernel 2.4. I didn't touched the driver since then, but
 started using it some time ago with 2.6, and had these problems as
well, using same hardware.

ISO transfers are fine (in my eyes). (The only problem is that the
bandwidth is totally static, so the muxstream will be stuffed when
there's less.)

I'm not sure what changed since then, maybe something with the ISO urb
scheduling goes wrong, i'm not that familiar with the linux usb stuff

Another thing i could think of would be the DSP's firmware. Iirc it was
uploaded when the driver is loaded, is that still the case?

But it's definitely not a hardware problem.


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