[linux-dvb] Re: TT USB Budget cc discontinuity / lost sync.

Peter Weissgerber peterw2k at yahoo.de
Wed Feb 23 11:30:04 CET 2005


 --- Felix Domke <tmbinc at elitedvb.net> schrieb: 
> Back in the days when I continued Holger's 
> work, I implemented that muxpack stuff. It 
> worked very fine, and i was even able to
> stream twovideo services at once (as long as 
> they are below 90%*11Mbit-muxpack_overhead).

This means stream until about 9,5 MBit/s should work.
I doubt if any German TV station sends streams larger
than that. The largest I know of are the WDR regional
streams (WDR Dortmund/Aachen/etc) with about 6-8

> This was back on kernel 2.4. I didn't touched 
> the driver since then, but started using it 
> some time ago with 2.6, and had these problems
> as well, using same hardware.

So this does mean, when I switch to Kernel 2.4 on my
VDR machine, this problem will go away. Ok, I will try
it, but I'm not sure if it is simple because LinVDR
comes without compiler and I don't know how easy it is
to let it run with a 2.4 kernel...

> I'm not sure what changed since then, maybe
> something with the ISO urb scheduling goes
> wrong, i'm not that familiar with the linux
> usb stuff (anymore).
> Another thing i could think of would be the
> DSP's firmware. Iirc it was uploaded when the
> driver is loaded, is that still the case?

I'm not sure about that, I don't know the internas of
the driver/module. But if someone thinks he/she has
found the problem, I volunteer to test the code.

> But it's definitely not a hardware problem.

Thank for that information. I was thinking of buying a
new box for testing. So this is not needed anymore.


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