[linux-dvb] Newbie driver writer's questions

Leonid Podolny leonid99 at mail.ru
Wed Feb 23 23:50:56 CET 2005

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Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
| Leonid Podolny wrote:
|>We've found the decoding routines, so the important thing now is to find
|>a documentation for the driver API, which I still fail to.
| You'll have a hard time finding it because it doesn't exist.
| linux-dvb-api-1.0.0.pdf contains an out-of-date chapter about
| the "kernel demux api", but you're better off reading the code of
| the existing drivers.

That's what I thought.

|>>I assume your card will be very cheap (so, interesting). Can you say
|>>something more about it? DVB-S? DVB-T?
|>For now, we are talking about the DVB-T card (the DTT card at
|>http://www.vboxcomm.com/product2.htm#1). In the more remote future the
|>plans are to add support for DVB-S and ATSC cards.
| Will the drivers be released as OpenSource?

As far as I understand, yes.

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