[linux-dvb] I search a name in order to release a dvb program

gnu-braice gnu-braice at crans.org
Thu Feb 24 00:18:56 CET 2005

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
 > gnu-braice wrote:
 >>actually the name is crans_dvbstream because this is a fork of dvbstream
 >>made for the crans www.crans.org
 >>the main new features are :
 >>-Signal display during the diffusion
 > What do your mean by "diffusion"?

You've not to launch another program to see the quality of the received 
I mean you can see the signal level when you watch tv by network
The signal siguser1 permit to toggle the display (on syslog or on the 

 >>-Real time list of really diffused channels
 >>-This program can be daemonized
 >>-It can read configuration files
 >>-If the card not receive any data during a certain time, the program 
 >>-The time during the card tries to tune is limited
 >>-It was developped in order to multicast some parts of a transponder do
 >>different IPs (you choose the pids to diffuse by IP)
 >>-it uses Raw UDP for a better compatibility
 >>finally we have a multicast program configurable, with a list of
 >>diffused channel il order to generate sap announces
 > Is there a reason why this couldn't be integrated into dvbstream?
 > Or is this not wanted by you or the dvbstream authors?

For some reasons,
- first we adapted dvbstrean to our needs (make the 800 people our our 
network have the tv in their room) so we removed some features (telnet 
interfacs, ts to ps)
- secondly the usage is different, dvbstream reads option by the command 
line wheras our program need more information (name of the channels, 
repartition of the pid
s by multicast IPs) so we use only configuration files.
Third The protocol is no longer rtp, to few programs where able to read 
it in particular VLC wich is the only one free (as in freedom) 
multimedia player for windows
 we've found.
When i've written a mail to dave he had no time to look at dvbstream.
Globally it's a decision from us not from Dave.

 > Johannes


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