[linux-dvb] i2c problem with twinhan DST-S VP-1020/FC3?

Ben Jiang linuxtv22222 at yahoo.ca
Thu Feb 24 14:59:27 CET 2005

Manu Abraham wrote:

> bb wrote:
>> Hi, all,
>> I am trying to have a VP-1020 working and I have been playing this 
>> for a few weeks without luck.  I have 2.6.11-rc3-bk7 installed and 
>> the lastest dvb-kernel from cvs (updated yesterday), I keep getting 
>> error when trying to load the modules. I checked the code and I think 
>> the problem happens inside write_dst when called from dst_check_ci. 
>> It seems all write_dst calls would fail. I am guessing this is 
>> actually becasue almost all i2c writes to the card failed.
> Have you configured udev under FC3 ? This was one messy problem..

Thanks for replying, Manu. And yes, I think I sort of did configure 
udev. I upgraded to udev-050-7 about 2 days ago and I now have this in 
my 50-udev.rules:
    KERNEL="dvb*", PROGRAM="/etc/udev/scripts/dvb.sh %k", NAME="%c".
Before I had udev-039-8 from FC3 and I added this in 50-udev-rules 
(which I found somewhere in a maillist):
    KERNEL="dvb",           NAME="dvb0"

The only difference I saw after upgraded to udev-050-7 was there were no 
more annoying "wait_for_sysfs[9425]: error: unknown bus, please report 
to <linux-hotplug-devel at lists.sourceforge.net>" message in the 
/var/log/messages. But the card still wouldn't work.


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